Lantern Room

The orginal lens used in this Lantern Room was a 6th Order Fresnel Lens and was first light on December 1, 1871 as a fixed white light. The light was changed to fixed red on October 1, 1872. The 6th Order Fresnel was fixed for 300 degrees and consisted of 4 panels. It had 5 prism sabove the central drum and 3 prisms below. In 1935, the original 6th Order Fresnel Lens was removed and was replaced with a larger 4th Order Fresnel Lens. The whereabouts of the original 6th Order Fresnel Lens are unknown and if you have any infomration on what happened to it or any pictures, please contact us! 

The 4th Order Fresnel Lens lens was in use until June of 1974 when the lighthouse was decommissioned. That exact 4th Order Fresnel Lens was put on display at the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport, Massachusetts after being removed from Pomham Rocks Lighthouse and has been there since. Until July 2017, the current optic was a 250mm Marine Lantern lens. The Coast Guard removed the 250 mm Marine Lantern and installed an LED. Since 2006 the navigational light has powered by the Coast Guard solar panels on the old foundation of the Fog Signal Building.

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