Pomham Specs


State: Rhode Island

Location: Providence River

First Light: December 1, 1871

Construction Material: Wood

Lighthouse Style: Second Empire, with Mansard Roof (Red Slate)

Tower Height: 42 feet, from base of the lighthouse. 67 feet from the Water.

House Size: 28 feet by 28 feet

Other Buildings Still Standing: Oil House (1901) 

          Former Buildings: Storeroom, Fog Signal House, Outhouse, Boat House, Hen House, Paint Shack

Discontinued: 1974

Relight: July 30, 2006

Original Lens: 6th Order Fresnel Lens, Upgraded to 4th Order Fresnel Lens* in c.1926

*Pomham’s 4th Order Fresnel Lens is currently on display in the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Current Optic: Vega Marine LED Beacon

Lens Characteristic: Fixed White: December 1, 1871
                                  Fixed Red: October 1, 1872 - Present

Current Fog Signal: None
                        Fog Signal: 1900-1902 
                        2.5 Horse power Meitz & Weiss kerosene engine with blower siren
                        Cistern: 1,250 gallons for cooling the engine
                        Continuous Blast: 1900 - June 15, 1901
                        Interval Blast: Every 12 seconds, lasting 3 seconds.

                        Fog Bell: October 1, 1902 - c.1974
                                         Original Fog bell: 1902 -1929 (300 Pounds)
                                         Second Fog Bell: 1929 - c. 1974 (1,000 Pounds)

Electricity: Reconnected January 20, 2017

Active Aid to Navigation: Yes!

Open to Public: Stops are offered on select Save the Bay tours. These stops only include island access. The lighthouse itself is not open to the public at this time.

Below are pictures of the current optic, the 250mm Mariner Lens, 250mm lens (Skeleton Tower), and 4th Order Frensel Lens. (Click on the picture to enlarge and to get more infomration about each!!)

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