Oil House

The oil house was built in 1901 housed the oil used to light the lamp. It is also known as the "Gernerator Shack”. The elecric cable from shore ran to the oil house first  before being distributed to the lighthouse and the dock. The Oil House controlled the Sabin Point fog horn and light that was used on the daymarker after the lighthouse was demolished in 1968. The oil house also held a Fairbanks-Morse One Cylinder emergency generator (Shown Below) which would start up automatically and power the light in an event of an electrical shore tie failure. The generator in the oil house which is pictured below is as described here by Dennis Tardiff, who was there from 1971-1974.

 “The Fairbanks-Morse emergency generator was in the Generator Shack or “Oil House” as it was called much earlier. The battery in the foreground was to start the generator. Very little maintenance was needed. I did change the fan drive belts once. The sign you can see leaning against the front of the generator faced the door and said ”Caution, this machine is automatically controlled and may start at any time”. The generator had a “hot start device” (the cylinder mounted horizontally with the copper tubes coming out each end). This kept the generator cooling water warm which in turn kept the engine warm for quick start ups."

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