Fog Signal House & Fog Bell

The Fog Signal building was built in 1900, with preparation for the building starting in 1899, and consisted of a 1,250 gallon cistern which powered the steam fog horn. It also had a 2 and a half horse power oil engine with a blower siren and horn. The Fog Signal consisted of a continuous blast during bad weather. The fog horn was used from 1900-1902. On June 15, 1901 the fog horn was changed from a continous blast to blasts that alsted 2 seconds followed by 12 seconds of silence. The building was torn down in May of 1974 in order to construct the skeleton tower that housed the light once the lighthouse was deactivated. The 1,250 gallon cistern that powered the steam powered fog horn from 1900-1902 still exists under the concrete slab. The fog horn equipment was removed in 1902 when the fog bell was installed

The first fog bell went into service on October 1,1902 and was a 300lb bell attatched to the fog signal building itself. A tall white tower stood behind the fog signal house which held the stricking chain. The chain would have to be wound up every few hours in order to operate the fog bell. In 1929 a 1000lb bell was installed infront of the fog signal building and the other bell was removed. The second fog bell was removed the first week of June of 1974 to prepare for the skeleton tower and its where abouts are unknown.


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